VGI – Greatest Hits

It’s important to me that I don’t limit the way I express myself. I enjoy utilizing multiple mediums to share my ideas and thoughts, and I deemed it wise to bridge the gap. To this end, I decided on creating a blog post that will be updated dynamically. It will contain threads I have created on Twitter that I think are noteworthy.

1.11.2020 – Muramasa Rebirth

High quality Muramasa GIF thread

1.6.2020 – Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life Appreciation

12.9.2019 – Surfing Pikachu

Deep dive on the concept of “Surfing Pikachu”

12.3.2019 – 25 Years of Play

My personal memories with PS through the years

11.25.19 – Dōbutsu no Mori 

Animal Crossing movie highlight

11.21.2019 – Pokemon Gold/Silver

20 year Gen 2 celebration thread

11.20.2019 – Persona 4 Golden

P4G’s impact on my life

11.18.2019 – Sonic & Allstars: Racing Transformed

Cozy memories with Sonic Racing Games

11.17.2019 – Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap GIF thread

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