Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 2 – Museum & More

I woke up this morning extremely excited to see what my island had in store for me. My house was finished, Blathers moved in, someone washed up on shore, I got a make over, today was another absolutely fantastic day!

First thing after this mornings announcements, I went straight to Blathers’ new and humble abode. After a short introduction I got straight into donations. Blathers role in New Leaf was underwhelming when compared against previous entries. I always enjoyed learning an additional bit of trivia about whatever bug/fish/fossil/artwork that I donated. I was not disappointed to find out that each and every donation comes with it’s own blurb, sometime multiple text bubbles worth! This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but it will make the Museum much more meaningful for me. I’m already looking forward to donating much more!

After wrapping up with Blathers, I made my way to Nook HQ. I crafted my new shovel and vaulting pole, and then spoke with Timmy. I was congratulated on the completion of my house, and shortly after I overheard a conversation between Tom Nook and Timmy. Seems like they want to build a more permanent storefront on the island! Tom gave me a ticket to travel to a random “deserted island,” and I wasted no time making my way to the airport. Time to gather supplies for their new store.

The new island was an excellent opportunity to extract tons of supplies without the repercussions of ruining your own island. I went to a few new islands, got tons of supplies for the Cranny, and also invited a couple of guests to live on LilacGrove island!

After returning from my unrelenting pillage, a few nearby islands, I decided to return to mine for some crafting. Upon further exploration, I stumbled into a familiar guest! I have to say, I LOVE all of Gulliver’s dialog in New Horizons. He is one of my favorite characters in the series. I assisted in repairing his communicator, and he was able to contact the crew of his vessel to arrange for pickup.

After tons of crafting, selecting a spot for Nook’s Cranny, and island cleanup, I decided it was time for some self love! I got a new haircut and took some time to design my own hoodie. To complete the look I added a splash of color to my flawless complexion with a bit of face paint.

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