Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 3 – A Frightened Friend

I’ve decided that it might be best (or easiest) for me to get these updates out the next morning. Since now life has gone back to “normal” (aka it’s not the weekend) I will not be able to stay up as late to update everything the night of. With that out of the way, I’m ready to get into all that took place on LilacGrove.

The long awaited (1 day) museum is finally under construction. It should be done by tomorrow, and then I can get out from underneath the massive horde of critters that I’ve locked away in my house storage. Super excited to spend some QT with Blathers, I’m sure he is ready to divulge all of his random trivia, and I’m here for it.

Of course a major highlight was the grand opening of Nook’s Cranny! I love that they have stuck with the same name throughout the years. Nook’s Cranny holds so much nostalgic value for me, and I’m excited to see old and new players interact with this wholesome piece of Animal Crossing history. Nook’s Cranny has had some major improvements compared to previous iterations of the shop, and I welcome all of them. The 24/7 drop box will come in handy, no doubt about that!

No Sunday in Animal Crossing would be complete without the sale of a turnip or two. Getting a letter from cute little Daisy Mae made my whole morning, and talking to her was an overwhelmingly cute experience. I bought 250 bundles of turnips for 99 bells, so hopefully I can make some money back this week.

After completing my daily routine, I set off for Tom Nook’s tent to see what he was up to today. He let me know that three new animals would be moving to the island, and asked for my help with setting up each of the housing sites. Something I was not expecting, but greatly appreciate, is the amount of things you have to accomplish prior to a new resident moving in. Crafting specific furniture for each house to get them prepped and ready made me feel like I had an important role with the beginnings of each animal who chooses to live here. I absolutely love how involved I am with each aspect of island life.

After a long day of gathering supplies, I crafted everything that was needed for all three new guests to move in tomorrow! I didn’t check the sign posts, so I’m going to be curious to see who arrives!

While wandering around looking for balloons to shoot down, I was stopped by Mac. He wanted to teach me a thing or two about my squat form…. er I mean reactions. I love how cute the reactions are in New Horizons, and there are so many different emotions to convey! I look forward to finding more of them.

I was about to turn in for the night when I stumbled upon none other than Wisp! When I spoke with him, he became frightened and part of his spirit was lost. I collected all of Wisp’s essence and returned it to him, and was rewarded! He asked if I wanted something rare or expensive, I went with expensive and he gave me a Box Sofa. I’m not sure how valuable this is, and even Wisp admitted he has a terrible eye for furniture. I guess it’s the thought that counts.

There is already so much that has happened on the island. I have been enjoying these daily updates! Right now I know that everyone is probably doing the same things as I am, but it’s still nice to have a journal of my personal experiences to reflect back on in the future.

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