Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 4 – It’s coming together!

Today was another jam-packed day! Many new guests dropped by the island, some just for a visit, and some to make themselves a new home.

Harv and Mable dropped by first thing this morning. Harvey was strolling through, totally just dropped by because the wind blew him this direction. Mable set up a temporary clothing store to peddle wares to the locals, mentioning the hope of one day setting up a permanent location (soon, I hope). I ended up getting some new duds from her, the hoodie I made is nice and all, but I wanted something a bit more clean. First, I just bought some wood frame glasses, but I came back for some more later (as you will see as the day progresses.)

After meeting some of the new guests, I dropped in on President Tom for a crash course on customization. He provided some of the materials necessary to do my DIY rehab on my existing furniture. I actually spent tons of time customizing furniture in my house. (As a side note, I know I haven’t shown the inside of my house yet, I will soon. I want to get some more pieces in there before I reveal it.) Customization is a cool way to bring some new life into older furniture and make a room or area more cohesive. RIP to Cyrus.

After customizing to my heart’s content, I popped on over to the newest Island resident, Bianca. I already love her so much. She has an over the top personality, and her aesthetic is charming. I’m interested to see how she decides to decorate her house!

Now that all the new introductions are out of the way, it was time to unveil the first of two new things today. A bridge! I forgot to mention this was in construction yesterday, but it’s finished now! Having this bridge was a massive convenience. Even if it meant going out of my way, I tried using it over the vaulting pole, if anything, to reduce the amount of permanent fixtures in my pockets. The lower part of LilacGrove is now fully accessible without pole vaulting! Yay!

The second (and more prominent) unveiling ceremony was for the long-awaited museum! This entire structure blew my effing socks off. Every aspect of the interior design of the museum was exceptionally well thought out by the game’s artists and lovingly put together in a way that makes every Animal Crossing Museum before it look like a closet filled with dusty bones and fish.

The thing that left me feeling the most awed was the animal silhouettes in the fossil room. Immediately upon entering the fossil area, you will notice there are different colored pathways on the floor. If you follow them into the back room and up the wall, you see that each path leads to one of the animal species found in the game. I love this detail. Being able to find the real-life ancestor of your favorite animals that inhabit your island is such a fantastic little nugget of lore. They went above and beyond with the museum. The individual exhibits feature so much detail. In the fish section, even with my limited amount of donations, it feels full and alive because they include multiples of each fish. Same for the butterfly atrium. Even on day one, the museum already feels alive.

I probably spent a good 30 minutes donating creatures and listening to Blathers blather on about each thing. I appreciate that they allow you to come back with something you’ve previously donated and show it to him so he can tell you about it again. The ability to do this is another small detail, but it’s one that doesn’t go unappreciated here.

After wrapping up at the museum, I paid a visit to our friend from before. We took the same plane ride here, which I found to be hilarious. I was impressed by his island setup—Harv’s island functions as a “photo studio” of sorts. You can set up rooms with any furniture you’ve previously owned, and use Amiibo to call in animals to model for you in these spaces. I’m not sure how much I’ll utilize this functionality, but it’s neat that it’s here.

Now that meeting and greeting the new folks is done and over with, I went back to LilacGrove to add some amenities. I’m working on developing an outdoor kitchen near my house, so what better way to start than with some brick fired pizza! I added some flowers and fencing to the island entrance, and some landscaping and a chair swing near the beach. Being able to place furniture outside is incredible! (Also pictured, my new outfit.)

To cap off the night, I chatted with Mac for a bit. We just relaxed on the bench and watched some shooting starts fly through the sky. See you all tomorrow!

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