Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 5 – Stargazing

Another beautiful day comes to a close on LilacGrove Island. Time to go over what all happened today!

The first thing on the list was greeting our new resident, Megan. I met her out and about while traveling amongst the uncharted islands. She seemed a bit unhappy, perhaps longing for something new, so I invited her to live here on our little island! I’m excited to see how she decorates her place.

Thanks for the Typewriter, Mima!

I got a handful of “fan mail” today from some of my friends. I’m a big fan of pizza (mostly cold pizza), but luckily I can have it either way since I got both a Microwave and a Refrigerator! I also was blessed with a brand new Typewriter, and I’m typing this very entry on it right this moment. Thank you, friends!

Yesterday I ordered a custom phone case kit, and I spent a bit of time today putting together a simple design for myself. Purple is my favorite color, so I’ll add it to any accessory I can! (All of my tools are already purple..)

Gulliver “dropped” by again today. It would seem he has some PTS from his astronaut days. After coming to, I helped him to fix his communicator (again) and got him on his way. I love the gifts he sends, so I’ll always be willing to offer a helping hand to our stranded seafarer.

I turned in some more fossils to our local museum, and by a stroke of pure luck, I have already completed my first whole display, none other than the famous Mammoth. A great day in the advancement of LilacGrove’s culture!

After celebrating my first museum milestone, I stopped by to see Bianca. She was crafting a flower crown and having a bit of trouble. She passed the recipe on to me, and I gave her some positive reinforcement to help her complete her task. I wonder if I’ll see her with a new flower crown soon?

Left Bianca’s and found Mac pumping iron in the garden. Fresh air is in abundance here, so I’m entirely sure that his workout was a success.

Just as I was getting ready to turn in for the night, I stumbled upon a new face. I caught her near the beach, staring up into the night sky, with a twinkle in her eye. We exchanged introductions, and Celeste explained that she is the sister of our hard-working museum curator. She was impressed by the clarity of the stars out here on our remote island and gave me a DIY recipe for the Star Wand. I’m not exactly sure what it will do, but until then, I’ll be stargazing!

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