Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 6 – Sherb Moves In

The sun has set on yet another day in paradise. Let’s check out what happened today:

LilacGrove saw the move-in of its third new resident, Sherb. He seemed preoccupied with finding something to snack on, so I decided to help him unpack! I got hungry right after this, though, so I went to hunt down some snacks of my own.

Resident Services is upgrading!? I’m happy to have been apart of the beautiful and humble beginnings of this island. It feels like we have done so much in such a short amount of time! I took some commemorative photos of the OG Resident Services tent as a reminder and a lovely memento to look back on!

My “exotic fruit” plot is in full bloom! It is satisfying to see these trees fully grown. Now I’ll be watering these flowers until the rest of the garden fills up.

Saharah stopped by for the first time today. I spent more than I want to admit on multiple rugs and wallpapers. In the end, she didn’t have anything that caught my eye.

Megan stopped by my garden to compliment me on my “cozy” home. I don’t have any intentions of upgrading soon, so I’m glad others are enjoying the intimate nature of my small abode.

Officially completed my second fossil collection today. Did you know that the Spinosaurus spent equal time on land and in the water? Its “fin” might have existed for thermoregulation… NEAT #ThanksBlathers

After leaving the museum, I picked up some slack for our local parcel delivery man (Pete??) who mistakenly dropped off Mac’s gym tank top at Renée’s place. Mac was happy to have it back and rewarded me with a new layered shirt.

I hopped on a plane to visit some friends on Echo Falls Island (in the Hoenn region) and had a fantastic time! We watched TV, played hide and seek, and spent a reasonable amount of time in the local museum. I was even lucky enough to run into someone who had a fantastic turnip buying price, and made a decent pile of bells!

After going back home, I did a bit of stargazing, hoping to find a shooting star. Alas, I was not lucky enough tonight, but there is always tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

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