Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 7 – Surprise Recipe

As was foretold yesterday, Resident Services is closed for remodeling today. Boo! (But also yay!) Tomorrow should be a lively day with tons to do. I forgot to stock up on Nook Miles tickets yesterday, so no island hopping for me. Let’s see what happened around town.

Sherb is officially my new best friend! His personality is so mellow and down to earth. He gave me a new lamp post, I have plans on where to put it, but I think I’ll reveal that a bit later on. To return the favor, I crafted and sent him an Ocarina! I hope he likes it.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon digging up clams on the beach. After I stockpiled quite a few, I took to making them into bait. I am going to save up bait for a rainy night when I’m feeling lucky, in hopes of finding and landing the elusive coelacanth! Hopefully, it works out. I also worked towards my Cast Master stamps and hit the 50 mark! Very nice.

I took all of today’s donations down to the museum and appreciated my growing collection. One day this will be filled to the brim!

I happened to have a birdhouse in storage, and it also happened to be the “hot item” today at Nooks Cranny. I’ve never sold a hot item before, so I figured why not? Timmy and Tommy are so cute when they are in sync.

I was searching for furniture in trees when the wasps attacked me. Shortly after, I ran into Bianca, who was FLASKLURB’d at my face. She was kind enough to provide a recipe for Medicine! I had no idea that this existed in the game, but this entire interaction was extremely wholesome, and I honestly thought it was kind of her to put aside her “image” to assist me during my time of need. So if you need some Medicine, get stung and try chatting it up, it might be a bit tough for them to make out what you are saying, what with having a swollen face and all, but it’s worth it!

I shot a balloon out of the sky today that contained a recipe for a “Basket Pack.” Upon seeing the item, I realized I needed it immediately. The only problem was: no bamboo. So I put out an SOS, and luckily for me, I have fantastic friends. Blessings of bamboo were sent, and I was able to make this for myself! Thanks, Ama!

I finished the day off by swinging by LemonFalls island. It’s my first time here, and I have to say I’m impressed with the entire aesthetic of the island. I wish I would have captured more, but the tour was on a tight schedule!

Well, with a new backpack, and my face healed from today’s mishap, I think it’s time to turn in. I am looking forward to the newly remodeled Resident Services tomorrow! I’m sure that will be the highlight of my day. Goodnight everybody!

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