Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 8 – A Town Square Appears!

Huge updates today on LilacGrove! Resident Services has a new look, a familiar face returns to town, a new initiative is started, and much much more! I hope you’re ready for the long haul because this is going to be a big one. 

So Isabelle will be doing our morning news! I didn’t expect that, but I’m sure it’s easy for her to fill that role. She’s been doing it for over seven years as the aid to the Mayor in New Leaf, so it fits.

I’m looking forward to the new voice hosting our daily broadcasts, but I will miss Tom Nook. Things can’t stay the same forever, and this creates a nice bookend on chapter one. I’m excited to begin civilized island life officially!

After our commencement ceremony, I caught Tom Nook and Isabelle doing some early morning calisthenics. An excellent way to get the blood flowing, especially in an office environment. Keep up the hard work, you two.

I stopped by to chat with Isabelle first. She explained to me the various duties she would be overseeing, and seemed to be excited to get to work! I wasted no time hoisting the Official LilacGrove Flag v1.0 outside. I also set up a new town tune, something a bit nostalgic.

Of course, President Nook isn’t satisfied with just a new facility. He is already plotting on how to get even more people to visit the island. His latest idea, dubbed Project K, is to throw a concert for natives and tourists. The headlining act will be none other than K.K. Slider himself! How exciting. There are a few things that need to be taken care of ahead of time, though. 

Phase 1 of Project K is to establish and grow tourism in LilacGrove. President Nook gave me the DIY Recipe for a campsite and sent me on my way. I already had all of the materials in storage, so I was able to craft it and set everything up in no time at all. With the campsite, more visitors will come to see this beautiful island, and help to spread the word! I’m interested to see who our first guest will be

After assisting President Nook with Phase 1 of the plan, I emptied my pockets into the loan and ended up paying off my first loan in full! I had a pretty decent chunk of change lying around from this week’s sale of turnips, and I was beginning to run out of home storage, so I decided that the time was right.

Having a life free of debt was extremely short lived, as I took on my second loan only a few moments later. Time for a larger house!

While I was out on the town today, Mac taught me the “encouragement” reaction. This will come in handy the next time I need to cheer him on while he is running laps around the beach.

I made all of that bait yesterday, so I figured I’d put it to good use today. I caught the elusive Stringfish! I’m glad I added that to my museum now, because it will stop appearing in the local river when the season changes. I stopped by the pier to try my luck, and walked away with a few blue marlins, a tuna, and two oarfish! Not a bad haul.

Megan had some words of wisdom to share with me. Once I had black tea, and it made me sick. I don’t really understand how or why. Oolong tea is good, but I really love Chai. I usually drink a cold chai tea in the morning before getting my day started. As far as her prediction, I’ll let you be the judge! I don’t really feel like venting, but I do try to be sweet.

I bothered Wisp for a while (which was fun) and after returning his body to him (eh-wot?) I received a nice sweater in return. Thanks buddy, I’ll probably scare you again soon.

With so much going on yesterday, I almost forgot that I was going to build a second bridge. Only specific parts of the river could have a bridge constructed over it, so my choices were somewhat limited. The placement will do for now, I just want to connect more of the land together. Right after setting it up, I funded it completely so we should have a new bridge soon!

What a day! So many important events took place today. Our little island is slowly but surly becoming a full fledged community. Sorry it took some time to get this out, I wanted to make it really special, so I worked hard on it! See you again tomorrow.

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