Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 10 – Campers, Celebrations, and Coelacanths

Today was yet another beautiful day on LilacGrove Island! Ton’s of fun was had, and even better when shared with friends. Take a look to see what all I got up to today:

I had my home reviewed by the Happy Home Academy today! I honestly don’t know how well I did compared to anyone else, but I’m okay with that. I decorated well enough to earn a reward, so that’s good enough for me! I received an official HHA pennant, and I haven’t quite decided where to hang it yet.

Daisy Mae made her cursory appearance on the island, and I purchased 1000 turnips for 104 Bells per turnip. Will I profit? Only time will tell! Last week I made a small profit, but I bought four times the turnip this week. High risk, high reward!

Mable came again today, which I won’t complain, but it did seem a bit strange. I spoke with her to learn that she was there to discuss a business venture with Tom Nook. I found a location for her shop (right next to Nooks Cranny) and set up the construction site. I can’t wait for the grand opening tomorrow!

After lollygagging on the island this morning, I finally stopped by Resident Services. President Nook suggested I take/make some time to stop by the campsite. So I hit the road, broke out my ladder, and stopped by. Inside was none other than local clown, Pietro! He expressed interest in living on the island, and so I obliged. I enjoy having a diverse cast of characters around. He will fit right in! 

Later in the afternoon, I flew over to Revli Cove for a birthday celebration! We had a grand time fishing, singing, and celebrating. I’m looking forward to more parties held on friends islands! Maybe I’ll throw a party of my own one day soon.

In preparation for Mable to open her shop next-door, I did some exterior decorating for Nook’s Cranny. I ordered some new things to put outside, but this is a good start!

I caught Bianca taking a cat nap outside underneath a tree. This interaction was just so adorable!

I CAUGHT A COELACANTH! I can’t believe my luck! After completing all the rare fish for the month of March, I never thought I would have landed this one! I was all ready for bed, PJs on and everything when I heard the rain outside. I decided to give it a shot, but I didn’t expect anything. I’m very lucky!

Thanks for joining me today! Looking forward to the events of tomorrow, so make sure you check back to see what adventure I get in to.

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