Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 9 – An Island Makeover

The island is coming along quite nicely! Today I added some new outdoor amenities, including a somewhat large garden area. I had some interesting conversations with my fellow island goers, oh, and today was Isabelle’s first full day on the job! Let’s see how everything went.

The day started with a ceremony held to celebrate the grand opening of our new Campsite! Hopefully, we can get some visitors soon.

Yesterday I finished paying my loan, so today I woke up in a newly remodeled house. The inside is much more spacious, and I have some ideas for where to put new things already. Maybe I’ll have something together soon.

The second bridge opened today as well! Megan and Sherb are grateful for this development since this bridge connects their houses to the rest of the island.

Some star fragments washed up on shore today (probably from yesterday’s late-night meteor shower), so I finally was able to DIY myself a wand. I’ve only got two outfits registered so far, but I’m sure I’ll have an abundance of cute clothes soon.

Today was a pretty busy work/build/remodel day for me, but it’s nice to spend time relaxing with friends. Bianca shared some insight into the universe, which helped me to understand even more about her. Some friends stopped by from their islands to buy some nifty hats, and we had a fun hat party at my house.

Sherb is identifying flowers outside Nook’s Cranny. You could have just asked me!

Now the fun part of the day begins! I spent a ton of time remodeling some of my outdoor amenities. Let us start with the island entrance. I updated the fence and re-arranged some trees. The original fencing went in on Day 4 of my Island Adventure.

Right next to Mac’s place, I installed a new flower garden. It features some cool new things, and best of all, has all of my exotic fruit trees features in the back. I love how this garden turned out; it will be a delight for guests and residents to experience.

My final project of the day is my new cliffside spa! I recently stumbled on an island full of bamboo, and with some of the new things offered for purchase with Nook Miles, it all came together quite well. I love the little Kaguya bamboo shoot. It adds some culture to my new spa! You know I always love a good history lesson.

The last thing before bed was sturgeon hunting. Thankfully I found one rather quickly, so my anxieties about fish leaving in March are wholly gone! I took it to the Museum and then went home to hit the hay. Another day in paradise! See you all tomorrow.

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