Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 11 – I’m Internet Famous

Campers are moving in, catching fish for internet streams, and improving the island rating. All this and more included in today’s events! Let’s see what all took place:

First things first, my daily stop by Resident Services! Today President Nook told me that his plan is a success thus far, but he seemed a bit worried about getting more islanders to move in. Isabelle helped to boost his morale with a short pep talk, and we saw a bit of sentiment coming from Tom Nook. So touching!

New functionality implemented into the Nook Stop! I didn’t hesitate to call some of my favorite animals, most of which were “unavailable” (Franklin please!); however, Gulliver was! I’m pretty sure he left me on read after hearing I wanted to invite him to the island.

I’ll get another camper in before long, even if it’s not Gulliver!

After wrapping up at Resident Services, I stopped by Pietro’s new house. I LOVE his carpet; I need it immediately. He seems excited to be here, so I’m excited to have him! He is up on the cliffside, so I should focus on getting a ramp built, so he can come down from his lofty abode and join the rest of us.

I was leaving Pietro’s when I stumbled upon a new guest! C.J. came to town to search for fresh fish to post about on his blog. He asked if I would help catch some, and being an up and coming blogger/angler myself, I couldn’t resist. He wanted me to find 3 small-ish fish in a row for his followers, so I set off right away. (Also if you look closely, you can see my sister running around!)

I snagged the fish he requested in no time at all! After spending some time on the beach, catching even more fish to sell back to C.J., I went back to see what his followers thought about my performance.

It seems he was pretty impressed! I’m glad that I could help, and I’m even happier that he was willing to pay a pretty penny for the fish I had on hand.

After my 15 minutes of fame, I decided to get back to reality and turn in my fossil findings from today. I completed my third specimen, the Ophthalmosaurus. Blathers says that its prey was lured in because they were given a false sense of security due to it’s “massive and cute eyes.” I have my doubts.

I was scatter-brained today when it came to planning out my day. I forgot to talk to President Nook about Project K earlier, so I returned to Resident Services to see what needed to be accomplished for Phase 3. He informed me that Isabelle is heading up a “task force” (consisting of only her) to survey fellow residents regarding their opinion of the island. I currently have a 1-star rating, which I suppose is better than 0 stars but also not ideal. To raise the evaluation, I thought it wise to provide some land to be set aside for purchase by future residents. President Nook seemed excited by this prospect, so I was happy to be of service.

After plotting all of the land for future residents, I did some island hopping back to Revli Cove. There was a meteor shower going on, and Celeste was there handing out new DIY recipes. I made a fair share of wishes before (quietly) heading back home for the night.

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