Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 12 – Able Sisters

Mable and Sable move in today, I explored some islands, and had some wholesome interactions with my island friends! Today was a pretty chill day in the land of Animal Crossing.

Mable and Sable are two of my favorite characters in the series. They have surprisingly deep lore. We threw them a grand opening party!

Mabel welcomed me at the door, and let me know about how the shop operates. The front section has daily items, and the rest are seasonal. The back wall is where you can showcase your own designs. There is also a changing room to help imagine your new style without having to buy everything to try it on. Helpful!

I’m not a cowboy, but this western outfit was too cute to pass up.

Sable seems pretty focused on her work, I think it’s best to let her be. Maybe I’ll try talking to her again tomorrow!

Everyone was excited about the new store! Definitely a big day for the island. One step close to becoming a full fledged civilization!

Short entry today, but tomorrow should be pretty substancial! See you then!

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