Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 13 – Cherry Blossom Season

Happy Spring! An exciting day is upon us in the land of Animal Crossing. As Isabelle says, a new season has arrived, along with a few new guests. Today feels like a brand new experience, so let’s dive right in.

Tons of announcements today! Bunny Day hops to us on the 12th, but things are already happening, and a surprise villager moves in, Cesar! I’ve lived with him in past games, so I’m excited to see him again.

A new season means a different vibe on the island. It seems the local animals are pretty excited to see the changes, and I won’t lie, I love the new aesthetic. Opening my front door and seeing pink trees was a very delightful surprise. In addition to a new look, I also found some new seasonal bugs! Very exciting. I love the way this game evolves and keeps that new and fresh feeling.

Zipper T. Bunny has arrived on LilacGrove! Even though Bunny Day isn’t for a while, he is here to kick off festivities a bit early. He has hidden DIY recipes and Eggs all over the island for me to find. Oh, and he doesn’t want me to investigate the “Zipper” on his back, he is not wearing a costume after all.

I spent the majority of the day hunting for eggs. It took me back to my childhood, where my mom would hide eggs around the house and in our yard. It was satisfying to stumble upon a hidden egg or DIY recipe. I’m looking forward to crafting as many Bunny Day items as I can, in the hope that I can get Zippers exclusive reward!

While hunting for eggs, I stumbled upon our newest neighbor, Cesar! He seemed pretty busy getting unpacked, but he moved in right at the right time. He should help me look for eggs tomorrow.

Traveling bug guru, Flick, made his first appearance on the island today. I was so busy collecting eggs today that I didn’t catch too many bugs so that he might be a bit disappointed. Maybe next time he will have better success!

We are up to a 2 Star rating! It’s nice to see growth happening over time. A 5-star rating will be here before I know it.

With so much happening today, I almost forgot about the new ramp that went in! We had a late evening celebration, so I’m happy everyone came out to celebrate. Ladders are becoming a thing of the past!

Three new complete dinosaur fossils made their way into the LilacGrove museum. This exhibit is coming along. I hope my luck continues, I am getting a lot of repeats already, and I know that the last couple of fossils will be a challenge to finish.

To prepare for the new Bunny Day furniture, I’ll be collecting, I decided to expand my home. I’ll be getting a backroom tomorrow, and I can’t wait to deck it out with Bunny Day swag.

It feels so good to be playing this game. I know that the world is kind of in shambles with everything going on, so it’s nice to retreat to this island paradise every day and focus on building the world’s coziest habitat. Today felt like the first day in Animal Crossing all over again. New bugs, new season, new events, everyone is experiencing these new things all for the first time together, and it’s a magical thing. Anyway, see you tomorrow!

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