Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 14 – Gamer Sanctuary

Today was a very low-key day in Animal Crossing. It felt like “a day off” in many ways, primarily because I chose to goof around instead of doing anything productive. At least my house is a bit bigger now! I originally planned to put my Bunny Day items in my addition, but I think I found a better use.

Yes, my home has grown. I was desperate to put all this bunny day furniture I’ve been crafting in a place of its own, so I was happy to spend the money on this. Renee even threw in a new refrigerator as a housewarming gift.

I met this guy on a deserted island the other day and couldn’t resist bringing him to live here. I mean, we have the same name. Something tells me that he is going to get along with Sherb fantastically.

If you were curious about my new outfit in some of the photos above, I stopped in the Able Sisters shop today to discover that they had some fascinating items. I was able to put together a (rough) recreation of Yusuke Kitagawa’s (from Persona 5) attire. “This is my true self” (I really shouldn’t replay that game again…)

Last but not least, I set up the ideal Gamer Sanctuary. Complete with the essentials, a default power bill payment, thrift store microwave, copious amounts of trash and filth, and of course, a Nintendo Switch. (I don’t think I’m funny either, don’t worry.)

So yeah, today was a throwaway day, but a fun one. I spent so much time fishing for trash to create my ideal room, and I’m proud of how it turned out. I also have a lifetime supply of water eggs from all of the fishing, so I should be able to create some more Bunny Day stuff tomorrow.

PS: I’ve been designing clothes, here is my latest:

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