Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 15 – A River in a Dry Land

Island life continues today. A new face appears we obtain our much-coveted 3-Star rating, and I take a mini Persona 5 photoshoot.

Greta settled down on the island today. She seems pretty sweet; I’m curious about what her style will be.

I’m not one to keep someone from moving along in life, and Mac wanted to spread his wings and fly. He is one of my O.G. villagers, so it’s tough to let him go, but I genuinely believe that “if you love them, you have to let them go.” Good luck, Mac!

I’m still working on breaking into Sable’s bubble. Each day I get one step closer.

We finally obtained our 3-Star ranking! Today’s feedback was signed by “K.S.” and President Nook perked up after hearing that. He surmised that it was none other than K.K. Slider himself, and based on his feedback; he decided to call him up and extend an invite to the island.

It sounds like it went well! We should see K.K. come to LilacGrove in the next few days (depending on his schedule, of course).

Finishing up today, I got a pyramid from Gulliver, so I took the liberty to recreate a scene from Persona 5. No spoilers of course, but if you recognize it, let me know!

Tomorrow should be a pretty exciting day! Hopefully, K.K. can arrive as planned!

One thought on “Animal Crossing New Horizons Day 15 – A River in a Dry Land

  1. Will there be further updates on this series? I was having a lovely time reading what you were doing everyday Videogameman. Anyways can’t wait to read what you write next and keep up with this high quality content.


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