Welcome Back

It’s been a few months since my last update here. I’ve been pretty unmotivated to keep up with anything in the blogosphere. Most of this was due to a general feeling of burnout, and I felt like I needed some time to get back to my base.

Whenever I put something I’ve worked on out into the world, I want some form of recognition (who doesn’t), but I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate what I wanted out of this site. I lost focus on what motivated me, and per usual, got wrapped up in the numbers game. It originally started as just an ordinary blog where I posted updates about the games I was playing. Then it turned into these thoroughly researched editorials, and finally, it ended as a day to day journal of my time with Animal Crossing. I anticipate it will continue to be just as sporadic, but this time with a focus on the content, making what I want to make, and not trying to follow trends or become subservient to the analytics.

So yeah, I took a break. From just about everything, I got my thoughts back in order, and I think I’m ready to return. I’ve come back with a somewhat new identity/branding, and I’m willing to share my ideas again.

During my hiatus, I’ve been busy chipping away at my backlog. I’ve finished two Ace Attorney games (putting off the third for ???? reasons), The Last of Us part 1 and 2, Death Stranding, Streets of Rage 4, and now have close to 300 hours in Animal Crossing. I’d say that’s time well spent.

There is something to say about removing yourself from the constant flow of games, news, and information. It freed up a ton of my time, allowing me to play the games I wanted to play and helped improve my mental health. I feel like I always get trapped in these bubbles online, maybe that’s on me for not branching out more, but trying to “impress” people into being your friend online is just draining. Maybe one day, I’ll return to Twitter, but for now, this is a good start. A controlled environment.

Yeah, this post is all over the place, but that’s because I let my brain wander. It felt good. I have a few ideas for some new content that I’ll start working on here in a few days. I’m excited to put new posts out once again.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back”

  1. When I first started my blog, I was really caught up in views/likes/followers – it felt like another social media platform in a way? I had to consciously force myself to ignore that stuff and just focus on writing what I wanted to write, without worrying about people reading it, or liking it. It made it a lot easier to focus on the writing, rather than the other noise 🙂

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