Welcome to my blog VideoGamesIMO. As the site title suggests, you can expect to see posts about various games all through the filter of my personal, rose-colored glasses. My primary goal is to record my thoughts and feelings to be able to reflect with purpose and a higher level of insight.

I have strong feelings about advertisements, privacy, and biases. You can expect my site to be free of advertisement completely, with as many tracking features turned off as I possibly can. I love creating content for people to read and enjoy, I’m not doing this for monetization and/or getting free games.

You can find my personal Twitter account under the “Contact” tab if you’d like to get in touch with me. I’d be more than happy to have a conversation. I’m always open to collaboration.

Some of my all-time favorite games/series (in no particular order):
• Mass Effect
• Animal Crossing
• Persona
• Nier Automata
• Anything Vanillaware
• The Elder Scrolls
• Fallout
• Kingdom Hearts
• Overwatch
• Pokemon
• God of War
• Uncharted
• Katamari
And probably tons more!