Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon – Not a Review

Spyro games have been my primary source of entertainment for around a month now, and the moment I began, I knew this day would come. When starting something new, despite what it is, I tend to do this thing where I have some level of existential dread surrounding the idea of the end of the said thing. The literal day I commenced my Spyro adventure, knowing full well that I had countless hours of fun ahead, I found myself continually betrayed by my brain. The start of something new is also the beginning of the end, and while I struggle to grasp this truth, I have learned to make the most of something before I reach its inevitable destination. All digressions aside, let’s dive into my thoughts on the Year of the Dragon.

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Spyro 2: Ripto’s Remorse – Not a Review

Let me start this by saying that I’ve never played the original versions of Spyro 2 or 3. If you read my first Spyro post you might recall that I was curious about how much the nostalgic nature of the original Spyro game played into my overall enjoyment. A week later and another 100% completion under my belt, I’m proud to announce that the nostalgia played only a minor role. I genuinely enjoyed this game.

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Stay Ignorant – An arguement for media avoidance

When I was a child, I had a monthly subscription to Game Informer (via GameStop), and that was my primary, sometimes only, source of news. I remember bringing an issue with me to summer camp in 2001 or 2002 and re-reading in bed every night before sleeping. I clung to every word like they were precious droplets of water, and I found myself stranded in the middle of The Empty Quarter.

Merry Gamesmas

Grab your weighted blankets, your favorite warm beverage, and the controller of your choice because it’s the coziest season of the year. Cellophane wrapping on the ground and the new game scent in the air, millions of gamers have their patience tested by gigabyte upon gigabyte of day-one patches, and off-disk downloads.

Christmas is a magical season for all, but as gamers, we have strong memories of our favorite games tied to this Yuletide celebration. So regardless of if you’re lugging your home consoles, opting for the portable device, or staying home for the holidays, enjoy the time you have with your game of choice and have a happy holiday.

This holiday season, I’m focusing on the Spyro trilogy, Hellblade, and Death Stranding. I’ve completed the first game in the Spyro series, and I’m planning on finishing the next entry soon. Hellblade has been a surreal experience thus far. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it soon. Death Stranding is intermediating to start, so I hope to find time in early 2020. The upcoming year is pretty top-heavy for me, so I don’t know exactly when I’ll be getting around to these things.

Enjoy every moment, and don’t forget; video games might be fun, but friends and family are important too. I write that more for myself than anybody else. Happy holidays.

Spyro the Dragon – Not a Review

“Spyro the Dragon” for the PlayStation 1 was one of the first foundational chapters in my autobiography regarding video games. As a child, I enjoyed the game, but I was also too young to understand or appreciate excellent level design. Playing the Reignited trilogy has hit me with a wave of nostalgia that made me feel something I’ve never felt before.

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PS Vita “Near” – Retrospective

Looking back at my time with the PlayStation Vita, it’s easy to note some stand out features of the system. The gorgeous OLED display, the bold decision to include a 3G model, and I’d be remiss to not comment on the horsepower of the system for the time, and it’s form factor. While it’s direct competition, the Nintendo 3DS enjoyed almost none of these features; it did excel over the Vita in one, arbitrary but fun, way. Social functionality.

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Katamari Encyclopedia

Katamari is a puzzle game that revolves around the collection of items via rolling over them with your “Katamari.” Many people are aware of this series, its “tough but fair” gameplay, and the quirky charm. To close each level, and satiate the whims of The King of All Cosmos, you must grow your Katamari to the size required within the allotted time. If you barely skate by on the size requirement, your Katamari will score poorly. If you are shooting for a perfect score of one hundred, you must have an intimate knowledge of the level.

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Persona 5 Confidant Review

I’ve invested over 250 hours in Persona 5. To some that might seem like a monumental undertaking, and to others it might seem like a drop in the bucket. It is, by in large, one of the longest playtime counters I’ve ever seen in my ~20 years of gaming. Given my in-depth involvement and acquisition of the coveted “Platinum Trophy” I would consider myself somewhat of an expert on the game. My goal here is to highlight my thoughts regarding each Confidant in the game. In this essay, I am somewhat critical of certain aspects of the Confidant story threads. Just to clear up any thoughts otherwise, I did enjoy each confidant, I just found that I had some issues regarding a few. I will be going in the order of my completion of their ranking beginning with:

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