PlayStation Gamer Advisory Panel (GAP) – Complete History

Forums were the primary source of communication between fans and creators in an era before everyone had a voice online via social media. The concept of a “social media influencer” was utterly foreign, and without a unified voice for people to rally behind existed a community known as the PlayStation Underground. Deeper within that community existed a subset of “elite” gamers, handpicked by Sony, to serve as the voice of the broader gaming community. These people were members of what was known as the PlayStation’s Gamer Advisory Panel (GAP). 

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PS Vita “Near” – Retrospective

Looking back at my time with the PlayStation Vita, it’s easy to note some stand out features of the system. The gorgeous OLED display, the bold decision to include a 3G model, and I’d be remiss to not comment on the horsepower of the system for the time, and it’s form factor. While it’s direct competition, the Nintendo 3DS enjoyed almost none of these features; it did excel over the Vita in one, arbitrary but fun, way. Social functionality.

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Katamari Encyclopedia

Katamari is a puzzle game that revolves around the collection of items via rolling over them with your “Katamari.” Many people are aware of this series, its “tough but fair” gameplay, and the quirky charm. To close each level, and satiate the whims of The King of All Cosmos, you must grow your Katamari to the size required within the allotted time. If you barely skate by on the size requirement, your Katamari will score poorly. If you are shooting for a perfect score of one hundred, you must have an intimate knowledge of the level.

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